Review of Gilreath’s “Skin-in-the-Game”

My latest read is a book by Jim Gilreath entitled, “Skin in the Game:  No Longer Just a C-Level Employee”.   The author has twenty-eight years of experience placing CEOs and other C-level executives in middle-market portfolio companies for private equity firms. “Skin in the Game” is essential reading for M&A industry professionals, C-Suite executive job seekers, middle-market private equity partners, headhunters, HR executives, MBA students, and corporate hiring authorities.  In the book, you will learn:

  • The concept of “skin-in-the-game”
  • What middle market PE firms seek in their C-suite executives
  • Tips on writing powerful resumes and cover letters
  • How to write a compelling executive bio and elevator pitch
  • How to find private equity investors that fit your profile
  • Tips for networking in the PE domain
  • Tips on interviewing
  • How to organize your references

In short, Gilreath’s book will help you learn the tricks of the trade for middle market private equity hiring practices. Even though the book is focused on private equity hiring, the guidance rendered is certainly applicable to any executive job search.